Komodo Will Save You Hours Every Week

Imagine the best parts of Loom, Descript, and Unbounce in one tool. Record your screen, edit your videos, and build custom pages.

What is CaptureFusion?

CaptureFusion powers everything behind Komodo. It starts with capturing: record and upload videos and step-by-step guides with Komodo's screen recorder. Then fuse your ideas together with our powerful video editor and the flexibility of Komodo's page builder.
1 Capture
2 Fuse
3 Share

Start with capturing

With Komodo's free screen recording tool, you can capture your camera, your voice, or your entire screen. And best of all: there are no limits on the amount of videos you can record or the length of each video. Truly unlimited screen recording is here.
Using our suite of recording tools, you can record your screen across all your devices:

Now fuse it together


Record Komodo's online video editor brings the power of tools like Final Cut Pro into the browser. Create high quality videos by combining your screen recordings with files uploaded from your computer.


Edit Audio is instantly transcribed via OpenAI Whisper. Clips playback in the browser and the final video can be previewed in seconds - no more waiting minutes or hours for the full video to render just to show a quick preview to your boss.


Share Instantly preview your entire video in seconds. And when you're ready to export, let our dedicated GPU server render the final output faster than your local machine.

This is the future of video editing, and we're only getting started.

Coming soon:
Real-time collaborative video editing
User roles and permissions

CaptureFusion at work